"I still can't decide if I like coconuts as much as Coca-Cola, or why their names sound so similar."

Checkout the restoration work at HARS.

'A Ghost no Longer' - Classic Wings article about the B-17 recovery.



Ever since he was a boy growing up in Sydney, Rob Greinert has had a passion for the fighting aircraft of WW-II. He spent his childhood building models and reading books, but was saddened to learn that almost all of the heroic fighters and bombers that had survived the battles had simply been melted down for scrap after the war.


Rob has spent a lifetime rescuing as many of those winged warriors as possible from abandoned airfields and crash sites around Australia and the Pacific Islands. Along the way, he picked up the name........... 'JUNGLE BOB'!

Jungle Bob will be attending Classic Fighters Omaka 2015 as a guest speaker, so if you'd like to harass him at the show, book your tickets now!